Writing an Application for Teaching Positions

Submit an Application

In order to apply for a permanent teaching job appointment you have to first submit your online application. This is because there are new rules in the NSW Department of Education and Communities. Only a few sections of the people who apply for a teaching job that is advertised are always selected for interviews. Therefore, it is essential to write an application that correctly follows the format, addresses the specific position and criteria and is strictly within the job parameters in order to for one to be successful in his or her application.

Basic Requirements

An application must be very individual in order for the employee to know the type of interviewee he or she is dealing with and also to avail your basic information. A basic research on the school you are planning to apply must be conducted. A close look at the school’s Annual Schools Report must be taken so that you can have more information about what is needed and is being done in the school you are applying for. A research on the school should involve: the total number of students in that school, the school’s target, the type of school both comprehensive or multi-campus college and finally the programs undertaken in that institution. Such information is important because it could assist you in your interview and in also knowing the context of the school.

Curriculum Vitae

Although in numerous institutions this is optional, applying for a teaching job and adding a CV in your application could increase your chances of getting that job. A more focused and succinct CV could actively show the employee that you are interested in the job. In your CV make sure you involve the following details: contact information, tertiary qualifications, optional additional qualifications, teaching history and three referees including their positions, contact information and location.